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Duration: around 3 hours (on foot)

Danube’s part of the old Belgrade’s town, which starts from the Belgrade’s Fortress to the river Danube got it name Dorcol in the Turkish times (dort yol – four streets, four ways). The history of this part is very old, a settlement existed here in the middle ages, but it had an important role during the Turkish rule. The most significant picture to this part gave its citizens during the 18th and 19th century – Turks, Greeks, Germans, Bulgarians, Jews, Gypsies. In the different times of the ottoman rule were built many important public houses but all of them didn’t survive until today. We know about them from the historical sources, travel notes and other artistic and written documents.

1717-39 Belgrade was in the hands of the Habsburgs, but after the Treaty of Belgrade 1739 the Turks came back on power.

Although at the end of the 19th century the city officials had more interest to develop other parts of the Serbian capital, some of the most famous inhabitants of the city lived and built their houses here.

Some of the sights that we are going to see: Bohemian quarter Skadarlija, Bajloni Market, Church of St Aleksandar Nevski, The First Gymnasium of Belgrade, Museum of Dositej and Vuk, Bajrakli mosque, Jewish Museum, Students Park and visit Ethnographic Museum (closed on Monday, official and national holidays).